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How It Works

Begin the Process

Fill out the enrollment contact form below to schedule a meeting the with Sierra@Home Education Team to discuss educational options and choose core curriculum, along with enrichment classes and any extracurricular activities the student may be interested in.
Core Curriculum includes SUSD, Menu or Custom options.

Create Your Individual Learning Plan (ILP)

• With Sierra@Home Education Team, create an Individual Learning Plan (ILP) with goals aligned to CA standards and timeline for each student.
• With your teacher, set up regular weekly appointment times and daily student learning schedules to support the timeline.
• Student engages in assigned learning experiences and activities to meet their ILP goals. Student receives support from their family and their teacher.
• Student completes projects or other assignments to demonstrate mastery of ILP goals.
• Any students not meeting their ILP goals or targeted standards will receive additional support from teacher until the goals are met.

Option to Attend a SUSD School Site

At any time, if the family wishes for the student to attend a school site and the student is on track to meet their ILP goals in all subject areas, the family works with a teacher to create a Transition Plan to return.