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About Us

Providing the Alternatives Our Students Need Most

Providing the Alternatives Our Students Need Most

Sierra Unified Alternative Education Center offers a wide variety of educational options to serve the needs of every learner within the Sierra Unified School District, from preschool to adults. We take pride in providing personalized service, knowing each of our students, and taking as much time as needed to answer any questions and ensure all students and families find a program that is just the right fit.
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School Mission Statement

School Mission Statement

The mission of Sierra Alternative Education Center is to focus on the individual and to facilitate each learner's unique personal and academic development in acquiring effective skills for realizing their goals in the classroom and society.
Sierra Alternative Education Center students are …

Sierra Alternative Education Center students are …

Social-Emotional learners who:
  • Develop self-confidence and positive self-esteem through life experiences and research.
  • Generate positive relationship building skills.
  • Discover mental health and coping skills through counseling, self-evaluation, classroom activities and
Responsible, self-directed learners who:
  • Demonstrate self-motivation, self-discipline, and accept individual and group responsibility.
  • Create a positive vision for themselves and their future in order to set priorities and achieve goals.
  • Exhibit good study/work habits that include regular attendance, schoolwork, and effective time management.
Complex thinkers who:
  • Demonstrate critical thinking skills and logical problem-solving processes.
  • Identify, analyze, integrate and use a wide variety of resources and information to achieve goals.
  • Use self-evaluation while implementing ideas or plans.
Technologically-skilled students who:
  • Develop and utilize technological skills to produce, publish, and present projects and assignments.
  • Exhibit skills necessary to gather, analyze, and organize information to fulfill projects.
  • Locate and access online information from appropriate sources to complete assignments.